She Found Me and Accepted Me Broken

You’ve ever convinced yourself that you looked disgusting and unacceptable to the world?

Have you ever compared yourself to others so much that you just gave up in trying because you didn’t want to compete with the onslaught of “better” people out there?

For a while I gave up posting anything on social media, talking to others, and simply “being myself” because I was constantly worried that people would simply judge me based on the criteria of perfection that you see in the media.

My life had been revolved around perfection defined by the media.

I was miserable, tired, and a bit on edge of who I was. I just wanted to be low-key people about my life in spite of the burning desires to yell and scream the values that I hold near and dear to my heart.

Finally, after seven years of moaning and groaning over the self-made reality, I learned to let go of the things that held me back. It was a slow process, but inch by inch I came to let go of it all and accept myself for who I was rather than have others define my life for me.

When I did this, an interesting happened, I found someone very special in my life who fell in love with me because well, I was simply being me. My openness to people and weirdness won her over somehow and now I have the most special person I’ve ever been with in my life.

I think all too often we fabricate this story about ourselves that mistakes and failures should never happen and we end up tiptoeing our way to our death bed. How depressing is it to think about a life that you wish you lived versus the life you did live that was expected by others?

One of my favorite quotes by those who had neared the end of their lives is:

“I wish I had the courage to live a life on my own terms, not the life others excepted of me.”

Being yourself, your own unique self is what makes us, us. Don’t let the media or others, define your standards. Make mistakes in conversations, talk to the person next to you on that crowded bus, tell that joke, your fear of failure cannot define how you decide to live the rest of your life.

You’ll run into many forks in the road in your life and only you can choose how you decide to go on the right path for yourself, not others.

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