What Are You? A Dog?

You’ve ever had that friend that simply cannot stay out of your business for just a few things in your life? They absolutely HAVE to know everything about you, how your day is going, and what you had for breakfast that morning?

ANNOYING to say the least.

I’ve known a few people who are like that and for the life of them they can’t seem to just let things go if they know it’s just not their business. If they aren’t part of the conversation, then they just freak out and it thus hinders your relationship with them.

In the end, I would just let go of these relationships. They’re too exhausting to handle and not worth your time. I’m sorry to say, but you have more important things to place your energy in and a needy friend isn’t one of them.

I had an emotionally needy friend once that needed to be part of everything in my life. If I didn’t include him in a joke I was saying, invite him to something, tell him a secret I told someone else, say “hi” to him when I got home, it just built up a lot of tension between both of us.

It was exhausting and tiresome to say the least and people thought I was the strange one until several years later when they finally experienced the same thing. It was just way to much to handle for me given the situation I was in and I just didn’t care much about the relationship.

I’ll have you know now though, this guy became one of my closest friends, one of my best friends actually and I’m very happy to call him that. Long story short, he knew who he was and how it affected people and changed that part of himself allowing for thriving relationships to come about.

It was awesome.

I also know of another friend who is constantly needy. Another mutual friend of ours told me how she would constantly want to know everything going on between her and her boyfriend. She’d also get upset if she wasn’t invited to something by her co-workers, which, she may not even go to anyways most likely.

Small things like this that create big momentum of hate and disdain towards others is a terrible habit to get yourself into.

Ultimately, I believe it’s fear of losing you as a friend that makes them the way they are. They just want to be loved and appreciated and know that they are cared for by you just as they are to you. But they also need to realize that they’re clingy attitude will negatively affect their future relationships.

They just want to be loved and appreciated and know that they are cared for by you just as they are to you

It’s really up to the friends around them to tell them this truth, to have that heart to heart with them. And if the clingy person doesn’t want to work on it, then it’s not worth having the relationship.

Your mind could only take so much within the day. It’s scientific fact that we have a limited amount of mental energy within the day, morning being the most, then depleting as we make decisions and handle other situations.

Having a friend that’s constantly bugging you about things, asking everything about you, trying to suck up as much as they can from you just isn’t worth it. You’re not there to baby someone and ease their eager heart of wanting every bit of you. They want love, but give them the right kind of love!

Tell them the truth of who they are and what they’re doing to exhaust you as a friend. If you value your friendship with them, have the difficult conversation with them about this.

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