I LOVE napping.

Who doesn’t want a nice nap? I mean, if there was one thing I would require everyone to do in the afternoon, it would be to rest and recharge for the rest of the day, mid-afternoon, after a nice hearty lunch.

Mexico…they knows what’s up!

But no, America has to be constantly working. If America was a person he or she would definitely be the overachiever of the class room. You know that one student who would set the curve? In school I’d just want them to relax a little for the rest of us. Yeah we all know you’re trying to get to Harvard, but common, cut some slack for the little guy.

At work I had a small movement going with a few co-workers of mine.

Our only nap/rest area was in this enclosed library with two couches and tables all throughout the room.

It was perfect.

But of course, since corporate is against naps, and reading apparently, that room unnecessarily got shut down.

My co-workers and I were so enraged that we emailed corporate about it…literally a total of 3 emails from 3 different people were sent out. It was protesting at its finest.


Turns out, the room became an office space.

Who would want to work in there anyways?! There are no windows, no air circulation, nothing! Just a enclosed room.

Whatever. You put yourselves in there you have got to be desperate.

So where do I nap now?

I’ve tried the couches in the public hallway and the main boss walked by – he didn’t say anything or mention it to me but you could bet it was embarrassing to say the least.

On Mondays and Fridays when my bosses aren’t around and working from home, I like to go into their office, shut the door, turn off the lights, and take a nice shut eye. I’ve been caught however, not by a boss but by the mail lady literally delivering mail to the person at the desk I was sleeping under.


The BEST spot is the big boss’ bean bag in his office. When he’s gone, it’s free game for me.


I’ve been caught here too. One of the brand managers wanted a nice quiet place to talk to one of the contractors. As he opened the door he didn’t see me so I had to awkwardly say something. I said I’d get out but he just laughed and said “No go ahead, get your sleep”.

That was quite something else.

I keep getting caught, but, it’s worth the shut eye after a restless night.

There really isn’t anything like a good rest time. What the point of trying to stay up anyways when you’re super tired and unproductive?

Get your naps in children.


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